I have had a passion for animals my whole life. When I was about ten years old, my friends and I use to go out and collect reptiles. I would be walking around in a nearby cornfield or woods with just a few pillow cases in my hands hoping to fill them up with snakes, frogs or just about anything that moved.
Through the years, I have kept and bred many different types of animals from small mammals, lizards, geckos and of course snakes.

For the past fifteen years I have been investing in and selling real estate. Currently, I own and operate a successful real estate company called Progressive Florida Realty, Inc. My success in real estate has been contributed to customer service and good work ethics. Customer satisfaction has always been my main priority. Although I work very hard in real estate, my passion for animals continues to grow. At this time I have developed a breeding facility specializing in investment quality reptiles. I take great pride in my accomplishments of successfully breeding albino and heterozygous albino western hognose, many mutations of ball pythons, white sided brooks kings and axanthic white sided brooks kings.

My goal at FOR THE LOVE OF REPTILES is to provide you with the very best of investment quality reptiles. I will provide continuous support with any animals purchased from me. If you should have any questions please feel free to email or call.

Thanks for stopping by my site,
Brad Tillem